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Technology increases have lead to even more distractions and inattentive driving. In recent years, most states have enacted cellphone statutes making it illegal to text while driving. This is in response to the rapid rise of accidents, injuries and deaths caused by texting and driving. Media and researchers have described it as a hazard that is as dangerous as drunk driving.

California laws strictly ban text messaging while driving. In addition, it is illegal to use a cellphone other than with a hands-free device. Like other laws, however, people continue to break them. Despite local and national campaigns to persuade drivers not to text while driving, serious accidents and injuries are still occurring.

When The Other Driver Is Not Paying Attention…

Contact me — Amador Corona, a texting while driving attorney helping injured victims throughout Southern California. I am steadfast in my resolve to pursue fair and full compensation for those who have lost much due to the negligence of others.

Riverside Distracted Driving Attorney

If you were on the wrong side of a crash caused by someone illegally texting while behind the wheel, there are many options I can pursue on your behalf. To get you the best possible result, I will:

• Obtain cellphone records to show whether the driver was texting at the time of the crash.
• Appeal to jury members, judges and those involved in your case. Many other drivers, often those in the jury, have witnessed firsthand the ill effects of distracted driving.
• Bring all evidence of texting while driving to the attention of the insurance company. Insurers know these facts as well and thus are more likely to settle cases in our favor.

However your case is resolved, I am the lawyer you need to aggressively seek accountability for the wrong you have suffered.

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Contact me today; I look forward to assisting you on the road to recovery. With offices in Corona and Santa Ana, I am accessible to clients throughout Southern California. To schedule a consultation, call  951-279-1009 or contact me online. Se habla espanol.

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